Using FlameGraphs To Illuminate The JVM

Thursday, 08 June 2017 13.30 @ Room 2

FlameGraphs offer us a new way to visualize execution profiles, combined with Linux system profiler perf and the recently added -XX:+PreserveFramePointer option in JDK 8u60 we now have for the first time a way to capture a comprehensive profile for the OS, JVM and your Java code.

In this session we will be exploring the JVM and Java applications using this new perspective and reflecting on the profiles and the utility of this new method:

  • Introduction to FlameGraphs
  • Old School? FlameGraphs using jstack and honest-profiler
  • perf-map-agent + FlameGraphs + Java
  • Java code left-right-center (oh yes you are so special my child!)
  • Profiling the profilers
  • Compilers ate my mother profile
  • GC thrashed my dad profile
  • And more advanced FlameGraphs usage as time permits!