Day 1

Opening Keynote

The Value Of Impossible (…And Other Ideas That I’ve Found Immensely Useful) – Viktor Klang

Java 9 Modularity in Action – Sander Mak

Become a Polyglot by learning Java! – Jaroslav Tulach

Java 9 Core Library Updates – Richard Warburton

Using FlameGraphs To Illiuminate The JVM – Nitsan Wakart

Building a Kubernetes Autoscaler w/ Spring Boot and Groovy – Ray Tsang

Non-blocking programming – Roman Elizarov

Microservices in action at the Dutch National Police – Bert Jan Schrijver

The myths about Spark – Evgeny Borisov

Day 2

From Arduino to LinnStrument – Geert Bevin

Moving to G1GC – Kirk Pepperdine

HotSpot Internals: Signals, Safepoints and NullPointers – Volker Simonis

Something, something, something, IOT – Sven Ruppert

Refactoring your code to Java 9 modules – Rabea Gransberger

Server Side Swift: An Introduction for Java EE Developers – Mike Tunnicliffe

gRPC 101 for Java developers- building fast and efficient microservices – Ray Tsang

Asynchronous by default, synchronous when necessary – Tomasz Nurkiewicz

Everything you wanted to know about Stack Traces and Heap Dumps – Andrei Pangin

Introduction to Kotlin coroutines – Roman Elizarov

Functional web applications with Spring and Kotlin – Sebastien Deleuze

Introduction to Druid, fast distributed data store – Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski

TestContainers – Richard North

Closing Keynote