Something, something, something, IOT

Friday, 09 June 2017 11.30 @ Room 3

Nearly every developer explored at least a little bit the fields of IoT. Mostly we are collecting data like temperature or similar. But the devices are stronger with every generation. Easy values like the temperature are not a challenge anymore. Now we have to deal with pictures and soon with videos and more.
So, what we are doing now? MQTT is not what we should use now..

In this talk I will give you a possible answer, based on OpenSource and just as easy as possible. We are going from the Hardware (TinkerForge) that is used in industrial prototyping to the distributed communication layer (Hazelcast) over distributed persistence (CockroachDB) and finally up to the UI (Vaadin)

After this talk you are able to build a system like this over the weekend by yourself. Or you will clone the repo from this talk 😉